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    • Weight: 1.99 lbs
    • Width: 24"
    • Height: 28"
    • Backsweep: 3 degrees
    • Unsweep: 1 degree
    • Material: Titanium
    • Outer Bar Diameter: Oversized
    • Inner Bar Diameter: Oversized
    • Stock Compression Compatibility: HIC 
    • Stock Slit: Yes
    • Shape/Profile: Y-Ba
  • The Titanium Why Bar is one of the only titanium bars that compatible with HIC straight out of the box! They weigh 1.99 lbs, and have a comfortable 3 degrees of backsweep, and 1 degree of upsweep. This is a must if you run HIC and want a bar that will fit onto your scooter without any additional work or hardware!

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