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  • From Rampage comes this Mini Grind model, an easily transportable ramp to perform your grinds. Made of 1.5mm thick tubular steel and treated with zinc plating, to withstand the impacts and jumps inflicted by daily grinds, and exposure to the elements. Intended for most roller sports, roller skating, skateboarding or stunt scooters. This rail has durable PE end caps and PVC caps on the feet to provide enough ground grip for the Mini Rail to stay in place when put through its paces during tricks. Assembly takes about 2 minutes, tools are included. Plus, the Rampage Mini Rail can be split down the middle into two parts, making it easy to transport and reassemble when you get to your next chosen spot for the next session. A feature that has been well thought out is the possibility of mounting this rail with the model of the mini-ramp also from Rampage, they have even included the parts to join them together. This provides the necessary impetus and also helps to get on the axis, which is welcome for beginners looking to hit the rail for the first time. Dimensions: Rail Length: 90cm (35.4'') Grind rail width: 6cm (2.3'') Rail thickness: 3cm (1.2'') Height: 15cm (5.9")

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