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Hella Grip Anton Abramson

Hella Grip Anton Abramson

17,00 CHFPrix
Rupture de stock
    • Width: 6"
    • Length: 24"
    • Art Application: Printed
    • Grit Quality: Normal
  • We’d like to welcome a new Classic Color-way to the Hella Grip Family. Anton Abramson has been a part of Hella Grip for as long as we can remember, so we definitely weren't surprised when the newest drop was his. Anton decided on a super sweet Blue color-way that we've never seen before.  If you’re wondering why it has a bright line through the center of it, you should know by now that it’s an homage to the bright white scanner light. Thankfully, this sheet won’t burn your retinas if you stare at it. Each sheet comes 6" x 23" and is ready to take any beating thrown at it. 

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