Blunt/Envy Tri Bearings White On Neochrome

Blunt/Envy Tri Bearings White On Neochrome

85,00 CHFPrix


Available in 4 Colors - Black Gold, Black Teal, Chrome Clear and Oil Slick White

New Tri Bearing design with wheel tread - 120mm x 30mm wide 86A PU
The Tri Bearing design improves impact distribution and extends bearing life.
Integrated tread into the PU greatly improves the benifits of the 30mm wide wheels size and inspires confident riding and improved traction.
Includes Abec 9 Bearings

Wheels per pack: 2

Ensure that you have the spacers and/or Fork to suit these wheels
Required - 30mm wheel spacers (ref 7870)
Compatible Products list
Completes : Prodigy S8 - Prodigy S7 - KOS S6
Parts : Fork Prodigy S2 - Fork Declare V2