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  • Weight: 2.75lbs

    Length: 49 cm

    Width: 4.5"

    Material: Aluminum

    Headtube Angle: 82.5°

    Axle Size Compatibility: 8mm Only

    Wheel Diameter Compatibility: Up to 24mm

    Wheel Width Compatibility: Up to 110mm

    Peg Compatibility: Yes

    Concavity: Yes

    Grip Tape Included: No

    Hardware/Brake Included: Yes ( Axle, Spacers, and Brake )

  • Apex has been producing some of the best quality parts over the last 4 years and will continue to do so for as long as possible! The latest decks Apex has come out with involve some insane custom colors and great sizes for any person looking for a long-lasting, great-looking deck. A great feature this deck has is that it comes in 2 different sizes (Small - 19.25", Large - 20") just in case one size is a little too short or a little too long. If you're looking to upgrade your deck and want a sweet custom scooter, this one might be the one for you. But don't wait, they're going fast! For more details about the deck, click the "Specifications" tab above.

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